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CODER 2016 Call For Abstracts

The Fall 2016 CODER Workshop is a premier networking activity and forum for orbital debris issues and ideas, and is open to all who are involved or interested in any aspect of the growing threat to safe and secure space flight.

Six keynotes and twelve panel sessions will take place over the three-day event. 

Abstracts are sought in all fields supporting the orbital debris enterprise, including, but not limited to:

  • Space Situational Awareness
    • Surveillance/Detection, Tracking
    • Identification/Characterization
    • Modeling/Propagation
    • Conj. Assessment/Risk Analysis
  • The Space Environment
    • Monitoring
    • Flux Prediction & Evolution
    • Space Weather & Atmos. Models
  • Mitigation Practices and Technologies
    • Hypervelocity Impacts/Shielding
    • Passivation/EOL Disposal
    • Mission Design
  • Remediation Technologies & Architectures
    • Rendezvous/Docking/Autonomy
    • Sensors
    • Capture Devices
    • Deorbit Technologies
  • Space Policy
    • SSA Information Sharing
    • Mitigation Policy
    • Remediation Policy
    • International Collaboration
    • Re-entry Liability

For information on the previous workshop (CODER 2014), please go to Program, Speakers and Panels.


Please submit abstracts in the following informal format:

Identify title, author, affiliation and contact information.  Submit a one-paragraph abstract of no more than 500 words, and a brief biography highlighting your relevant experience.  Abstracts should be emailed to

Submission/Registration Schedule:

  • Initial Abstract Sumission Deadline
  • Notification to Authors
  • Early Bird Registration Deadline
  • Deadline for Presentation Submissions
  • Workshop

August 1, 2016

August 15, 2016

September 30, 2016

October 31, 2016

November 15-17, 2016



Companies wishing to set up a booth at the workshop or sponsor a workshop event can find rate and contact information at

Please email us at if you have questions about any aspect of the workshop.