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The People in Your Neighborhood:  Dr. Moriba Jah, Space Garbage Man

The People in Your Neighborhood:  Dr. Moriba Jah, Space Garbage Man

Picture by Robert Maestas
Picture by Robert Maestas

In 1957, Sputnik became the very first man-made object to enter orbit around the Earth. Since then, it has been followed by thousands of other objects, including satellites, rockets, and space stations. Many of these objects have been abandoned after becoming nonfuctional, adding to an estimated half-million pieces of so-called “space debris,” which range in size from chips of paint to broken-down satellites. Dr. Moriba Jah, 44, is an astrodynamicist working as a Mission Lead in Space Situational Awareness for the Air Force Research Laboratory at Kirtland Air Force Base. It is his job to help track some 22,000 of these pieces of space junk.

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June 18, 2015

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