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LeoLabs: Mapping Space The Way It Needs To Be Done

LeoLabs: Mapping Space The Way It Needs To Be Done

In an article by the Research Team at

LeoLabs is a Silicon Valley space mapping startup which announced on 26 July 2018 that it has received a series A funding round to pursue improving their capability.

LeoLabs tracks spacecraft and debris in low earth orbit with phased-array radars in Midland, Texas and Fairbanks, Alaska. They now plan on expanding their radar network and enhancing their software platform, which enables companies and governments to know the situation in low earth orbit. This enhanced space situational awareness can improve space mission effectiveness and security.

Plans are to track everything two centimeters or larger.

From their website:

With a worldwide network of ground-based, phased-array radars that provide high resolution data on objects in LEO, LeoLabs is uniquely equipped to offer foundational mapping data and services to mitigate the risks of collisions. These services include rapid orbit determination, early operational support, and ongoing orbit awareness.

For a snapshot of the dynamics they are currently tracking see the short video.

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July 29, 2018

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LeoLabs: Mapping Space The Way It Needs To Be Done

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