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Tackling Constellation Debris with Japan’s Astroscale

Tackling Constellation Debris with Japan’s Astroscale

The Astroscale Team
The Astroscale Team

In an article by Jeffrey Hill in Satellite Today:

Despite skepticism from space industry analysts, Japanese entrepreneur Nobu Okada was certain that the emergence of satellite constellations would push operators to invest in orbital debris removal solutions. This motivated him to launch spacecraft retrieval service provider Astroscale in 2013, in hopes of it becoming a reliable and cost-efficient solution for satellite operators around the world.

Via Satellite spoke with Astroscale Founder and Chief Executive Officer Nobu Okada just after the company established its first Japanese ground station in support of its first space debris removal demonstration satellite, ELSA-d, which is scheduled to launch in late 2019. Okada discussed what drove him to enter the space debris business and explained Astroscale’s unique approach to creating orbital sustainability in the age of the “mega constellation.” Read more ...

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July 24, 2018

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