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CODER 2014 Workshop Information



We understand that current travel policies for Federal Government and Military personnel are restrictive at best. We believe that the 2014 CODER Workshop meets the requirements of formal classroom training and your registration qualifies for an exemption to the Department of Defense's Conference Guidance under policy exemption rule E. If you need assistance in writing your own exemption request, please see: DoD Memorandum

The 2014 CODER Workshop will connect individuals and research from across academe, industry and government to foster collaboration and promote the long-term goal of developing policies, laws and systems that will lead to the effective remediation and control of orbital debris.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Historical aspects of debris creation
  • Mitigation efforts
  • Technology issues
  • The science of orbital debris
  • National policy issues
  • Remediation architectures
  • Long-term natural effects
  • International space laws and treaties
  • Economic impacts
  • Debris impact on national security
  • Special issues in and near geostationary orbit

Orbital debris is a global issue. The increasing volume of orbiting space debris could significantly hinder future economy and national security as the world's reliance on satellites for communications, research and defense grows. Orbiting debris can travel faster than ten times a bullet and poses a threat to space-based communications, weather forecasting, commerce, scientific exploration, Earth observation and future space activities.


The 2014 CODER Workshop will be held at the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, College Park, MD.