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Rendition of Orbital Debris. Credit iStockPhoto
Credit: NASA ODPO and David Wright (UCS)
Orbital Debris in LEO, 1960-2010. Credit: NASA ODPO
2009 Iridium-Cosmos Debris Field Evolution. Credit: NASA ODPO
2007 Chinese ASAT Test Debris Field Evolution. Credit NASA OPDO / Wired Magazine
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CubeSats Crowding Low Earth Orbit Posing Collision Dangers for Space Users, Warns Expert
The increasing number of CubeSats or mini-satellites being launched disregarding guidelines to de-orbit after 25 years is posing a risk to all space users, according to space debris expert Hugh Lewis from the University of Southampton. More»
For Upcoming ESA Missions, Rockot To Meet Debris-mitigation Guidelines
German-Russian commercial launch provider Eurockot said it had guaranteed ESA that the three upcoming launches will end with the rocket upper stages being placed into an orbit that assures their atmospheric re-entry within 25 years. More»
Managing Orbital Debris and Space Traffic
Over the first 50 years of space flight, mission plans ended with the completion of planned in-space operations. Satellites were shut down and left in their orbits, subject to natural influences. More»

2014 Workshop on Orbital Debris Education and Research
November 18, 2014 12:00 p.m. College Park Marriot, University of Maryland Campus More»